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An in-depth description of the work carried at Poolbeg incineration plant for Covanta Energy

Poolbeg Incineration plant under construction

Poolbeg Incineration plant under construction


Buttimer Engineering were employed by Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI), an international waste to energy EPC company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland to carry out a large-scale operation at Poolbeg Incineration plant. We were tasked with receiving, managing and installing a number of key mechanical engineering process packages on one of their largest international plants with an annual capacity of 550000 tonnes. This is the biggest incinerator in Ireland and will handle significant volumes of waste from Dublin and other adjoining regions.

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The work carried out by Buttimer was very broad and encompassed a wide range of mechanical engineering activities. Work at the plant began in September 2014 and the first waste delivery to the plant was in April 2017, meaning it was a near 3 year long project. Buttimer were entrusted with a wide range of manufacturing and installation activities which proved pivotal in the project being completed on time and to the highest standard. The transformation of the plant over the 2 year and 7 month period can be seen here.

The project involved installation of the following;

  • Incinerator boiler grates and ash hoppers

  • Ash riddling chutes, bottom ash chutes, boiler ash extraction units, bottom ash removal conveyor, bottom ash loading hoppers

  • Boiler feed hoppers, supporting frames, chutes and ram feeder units



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  • Primary, secondary, Flue gas recirculation and vapour ducts including associated fans

  • Start up / combustion burners and associated fans

  • Horizontal pass conveyors

  • Boiler fly ash handling conveyors and ducting

  • Boiler flue gas ducts, raw and clean gas ducts

  • Fabric filters with pneumatic cleaning, semi dry reactors and walking floors

  • Pneumatic ash conveying systems

  • System induced draught fans

  • Lime slaking plant

  • Sea water cooling pumps, multi disc and bar screens and stop logs

  • Sea water cooled condenser

  • Low pressure condensate preheater