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The following is a detailed insight into the project Buttimer Engineering completed for Diageo Ireland

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In a re-development of their famous Guinness Brewery at St James’ Gate in Dublin, Diageo were seeking a high-quality, highly efficient and standard-setting system for its grain storage and processing line and equipment. The system required rapid through-put and handling designed specifically for the barley, malting barley and rice that form the basis of the Guinness brewing technique..

Work taking place at St. James Gate Brewery

Work taking place at St. James Gate Brewery


This project was one of the highest profile projects in Buttimer’s long history, given its complexity and the world-renowned location. In total the project took roughly a year and a half to complete, with work beginning in December 2012 and reaching completion in July 2014. Buttimer’s service which they provided Diageo had a number of aspects. This included a full detailed design, supply of all necessary equipment, on-site installation including equipment support structures, maintenance and project management.

One of the many installations completed

One of the many installations completed

More Information

The work carried out included the installation of;

  • 3 bulk intakes: 2 @50 Tonnes per hour (one for rice) and 1 @ 20 tonnes per hour.

  • A Bin Block consisting of 13 storage bins: 11 @100 tonnes and 2 @ 50 tonnes

  • 5 cleaning and destoning lines, including weighing, aspiration and process equipment: 1 :25 tonnes per hour, 3 @12 tonnes per hour and 1 @5 tonnes per hour (rice)

  • Rice grinding line, Buhler Roller mill, including pneumatic transport system for ground rice, 25 tonnes per hour, and rice storage bins, before and after

  • All associated mechanical and pneumatic transport equipment, ranging from 5 tonnes per hour to 100 tonnes per hour.

  • All necessary ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere management requirements) and fire preventative systems