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The following outlines the scope of work undertaken by Buttimers at Lisheen Mines over the course of almost two decades

Concentrator Building

Concentrator Building


Buttimer Engineering have carried out a range of design, fabrication, installation and maintenance work at Lisheen Mines (part of the Vedanta Resources Group) in the Irish Midlands. The project stretched across a number of years with work beginning 1997 and only finishing when the mine ceased production in 2016. The lead and zinc mining operation was an underground facility, with an average mining depth of 170m, with approximately 6,300 tonnes of ore grade transported to the surface each working day. The mine was one of the largest producers of zinc concentrates in Europe

Thickener Tanks

Thickener Tanks


Given the fact that project covered a 19 year period, the scope of work carried out was rather large. This did not deter Buttimer however, and over the course of almost two decades, we successfully carried out a number of complicated tasks. To name but a few, there was the installation of Mill Feed Conveyors, Gantries, all Ore Handling Facilities and Out-Loading Facilities. As well as this, there was design, manufacture and erection of Tailings Management system and the 5000 tonne Thickener Tank and Support Legs


More Information

To summarise, the project encompassed;

  • Installation of conveyors and heavy equipment

  • Installation of complete backfill system

  • Design, manufacture and installation of materials handling systems

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic pipework supply and installation

  • Manufacture of tanks and associated equipment at our workshop for the mine

  • Design, fabrication and installation of structural steelwork

  • On site maintenance