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An example of our ship loading capabilities as demonstarted at Port of Gdynia



The provision of a soybean meal import facility to MTMG, a company which operates the bulk terminal at the Polish port of Gdynia. The project took place from 2013 to 2014, and is an example of the continued work being done by Buttimer’s Polish subsidiary, Buttimer Polska. The soybean meal terminal accommodates Panamax vessels, comprises of storage facilities and provides services for many clients of MTMG.



The project encompassed the following activities;

  • Installation of Conveyors and Heavy Equipment

  • Installation of Materials Handling Systems

  • Galvanized Mild Steel and Installation

  • On-site maintenance

  • Manufacture of Hoppers and associated equipment

  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steelwork


More information

  • 4x Unloading Hoppers (One mobile)

  • 2x Main Conveyor Lines at 600 TPH of Soya Bean Meal

  • Conveyors discharge into –

    • Existing Store at 2 points

    • New 65,000 Tonne Store, distributed along length

  • Bulk outloading 300 TPH train & truck loading

  • 4x In-floor Discharge Hoppers feeding 5 loading stations