Buttimer Engineering seeking Sales and Business Development Director

The Position

Buttimer Engineering are currently seeking applicants for the role of Sales and Business Development Director. This is a pivotal role within the company and so will involve an extensive Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing brief. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the successful candidate will be required to maintain and develop Buttimer’s existing domestic market as well as pursue and grow new international markets.

For a full synopsis on the role in question as well as details on how to apply, please click on the link below:


VIDEO: Buttimer Engineering play a key role in the development of Irelands largest ever incinerator

Buttimer engineering were again pivotal in the completion of a multi-million euro project, providing its mechanical engineering expertise at the Poolbeg Incinerator. The initiative was headed by Dublin City Council and Covanta Energy, with the intention of tackling Dublin's growing waste issue.

Employed by Switzerland based International waste to energy company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI), Buttimer were tasked with receiving, managing and of course installing key mechanical engineering process packages. The video below shows the incredible transformation of the Poolbeg site, from when work began in September 2014 to its first waste delivery in April 2017. It is projected that the plant will take in up to 600,000 tonnes of waste per year, which otherwise would be sent to landfill. This will then generate enough electricity to power 80,000 homes annually, as well as heating for a further 50,000 homes.

The Poolbeg incinerator is one of HZIs largest international plants with an annual capacity of 550,000 tonnes. It goes without saying that Poolbeg is now Irelands biggest incinerator and is expected to handle substantial volumes of waste from Dublin and its surrounding regions. Buttimer Engineering are proud to have been part of such a historic project and are delighted to have yet another satisfied client.



DOCKSOLID set to defend it's crown at International Bulk Journal Awards

DOCKSOLID is proud to have been nominated once again in the Best Ship Loading/Unloading System category at the International Bulk Journal Awards, a category it won in 2015. DOCKSOLID faces stiff competition this year as it nominated alongside Neuero (Germany),Siwertell/Peel Ports, (Sweden/United Kingdom), Seram, (France) and Vigan(Belgium).

DOCKSOLID is nominated for it's new range of Standard Hoppers, the first of which was delivered to the Port of Cork this year. 

The winners will be announced at the awards night to be held in the Tower of London on November 21st. 


Buttimer delivers Biomass Handling at Port of Liverpool

Buttimer Engineering has completed it's project at the Port of Liverpool where it was installing a a bespoke system for Biomass handling, including conveyance systems between ship unloaders, storage silo’s and rail carriage loading systems. First shipments from the facility began in late 2015 and phase 2 of the project has been in progress since then to bring the facility to full operation. 

Peel Ports has hit the milestone of dispatching more than 400 freight services from the rail-heads at Liverpool to Drax power station in North Yorkshire seven months after opening the first phase of its biomass terminal.Each train service carries around 1,700 tonnes of compressed wood pellets manufactured and imported from North America as a by-product from the sawmill industry (Logistics Manager, http://www.logisticsmanager.com/peel-ports-hits-biomass-milestone/)

The project is a prime example of Buttimer's commitment to delivering on Green Energy Projects, and its expertise in delivering market leading performance in bulk handling

New Hopper delivered to Port of Cork

Buttimer Engineering has delivered a new Hopper to the Port of Cork. The new Standard Hopper joins the three existing DOCKSOLID Environmental Hoppers already in use at the port. The new addition provides a simple robust unit which can quickly be moved around the harbor and be used to unload a variety of material. 

This is the first delivery of a new line of Hoppers from DOCKSOLID. The new range offer fast efficient unloading across a variety of materials while delivering a portability and ease of use not typical of traditional hoppers, benefits which are delivered through several key features:
•    Maneuverability: The hoppers feature a single set of wheels on one side, which hydraulically raise for loading. The other side of the hopper is lifted by readily available port equipment; such as forklifts or tug masters. This allows units to be quickly and efficiently moved from one unloading project to another. 
•    Simplicity: The new range address a range of use cases where the dust suppression features of larger units in the range are not needed. The units can be designed to easily switch from one material to another with no configuration needed, or without the concerns of how different materials will affect installed filters. 
•    Cost Effective: The range focuses on simple units which balance the base features needed for efficient operation with value and cost. It then allows customers to add on the additional features they see as necessary, such as cabins, external lighting and other extras which they see as essential to their specific requirements. 


Video: Port of Liverpool Biomass Facility begins shipments with help from Buttimer Engineering

Buttimer Engineering has completed the first stage of work on the new Biomass Facility in the Port of Liverpool, where the project includes the installation of the biomass materials intake, handling system and support steelworks.  

Phase 1 of the project will allow up to 4 trains a day, while completion of Phase 2 which is currently underway will increase this to 10 trains a day

The Port of Liverpool is now officially part of the biggest ever carbon saving project in Europe as a new hundred million pound terminal celebrates its first full day of shipments of sustainable biomass pellets bound for the Drax Power Station in Selby.

The new £100m biomass terminal planned for the Port of Liverpool will see it handle up to three million tonnes of wood pellets a year as part of the decarbonisation of Drax power station. The wood pellets – to be shipped to Liverpool from North America – are a by-product of the commercial forestry and saw-milling industry and will provide the Selby-based power station with a new, sustainable low carbon fuel source. (https://www.graham.co.uk/100m-port-of-liverpool-biomass-facility-to-create-47-jobs)

Building Up To a Busy Autumn with Large Projects in Dublin, Liverpool and Waterford

A number of significant contracts won by Buttimer Engineering over the summer have led to a busy autumn period, with the company demonstrating strong demand for design, installation, fabrication and on-site specialist engineering services. 

Buttimer Certified for CE Marking of Structural Steelwork to EN1090 1 / 2 Execution Class 2

Buttimer Engineering have been officially certified a CE Marking of Structural Steelwork to EN1090 1 / 2 Execution Class 2. The standard covers structural design, welding, purchasing, fastening, erection, fabrication, steel surface treatment and record keeping at Buttimer’s workshop in Cahir, Co Tipperary and on our construction sites both nationally and internationally.

View the Certificates Here

From the 1st July 2014, it has been a legal requirement that specialist steel fabricators serving the construction industry in Ireland and the across EU need to comply with EN 1090. As part of this compliance standard, fabricators must have an audited and certified factory production control system in place and have tested and certified welding procedures as part of their fabrication process. The CE Marking is a recognised standard of quality in fabricated structural steel, and demonstrates full compliance with EU directives for standards of management, practice and fabrication. The CE Mark will apply to all structural steel fabrication at Buttimer’s workshop – which includes all stainless and mild steel structures, such as equipment supports, access walkways, stairs and handrails.

Buttimer Engineering are committed to achieving the highest quality of engineering – from design, to fabrication, delivery and project management. The company is proud to have achieved the Certification of CE Marking, and will continue to deliver high-quality steel fabrication and engineered solutions for its customers.

Buttimer Engineering CEMark CE Marking Certification Structural Steel mild stainless fabrication
Structural steel stainless CE Marking Buttimer Engineering
Steel structures CE Marking Mild Buttimer Engineering
Structural Steel Stainless CE Marking Buttimer Engineering

New Dairy Process at Arrabawn Co-op Uses Buttimer Fabrication & Installation Capabilities

Buttimer have been working with Arrabawn Co-op to upgrade and increase the capacity of their existing milk processing facility in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. The scope of Buttimer’s services for Arrabawn Coop has included the specialist installation of a range of plant and vessels on-site for the creation of milk powders and associated products. The installation project began in February 2015 and is scheduled to last for three months.

Buttimer Engineering stainless steel vessel fabrication welding workshop

Buttimer was also contracted, by a leading diary technology equipment supplier, to manufacture a large high-quality stainless steel processing vessel for the Arrabawn Co-op project, which has now been installed: see Buttimer’s Specialist Labour team lifting the unit into place in the below pictures. The specialist piece of equipment was designed by the American dairy technology company, and fabricated under licence at Buttimer Engineering’s workshop in Cahir, Co Tipperary. 

Stainless Steel fabrication installation erection Buttimer Engineering
Buttimer Engineering crane lifting stainless steel installation  Arrabawn Co-o[
Stainless Steel Vessel Fabrication Installation Buttimer Engineering
Buttimer Engineering Steel Vessel fabrication installation

Buttimer Working Towards Safe-T-Cert Accreditation

buttimer engineering safety health construction accreditation SafeTCert

Buttimer Engineering are now registered applicants for the Safe-T-Cert construction industry safety accreditation for Irish contractors. The certificate is audited and awarded jointly by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and the Construction Employers Federation (CEF), and is the industry standard in proper safety proceedures, training and site management. Buttimer belive it will meet the required high standard of safety protocol, has applied and is hoping to be audited and awarded the certificate later in 2015.

The scheme is described:

SafeTCert is a certification scheme designed for certifying the Safety Management Systems of contractors working in the construction industry. The Scheme’s objective is to improve health and safety management by providing objective standards and certifying those contractors whose safety management systems have been assessed, and can demonstrate that they;

  • Meet the basic requirements for training and competence
  • Implement an occupational health and safety management system which meets the requirements of SafeTCert standard – incorporating continual improvements
  • Address relevant national legislation