New Hopper delivered to Port of Cork

Buttimer Engineering has delivered a new Hopper to the Port of Cork. The new Standard Hopper joins the three existing DOCKSOLID Environmental Hoppers already in use at the port. The new addition provides a simple robust unit which can quickly be moved around the harbor and be used to unload a variety of material. 

This is the first delivery of a new line of Hoppers from DOCKSOLID. The new range offer fast efficient unloading across a variety of materials while delivering a portability and ease of use not typical of traditional hoppers, benefits which are delivered through several key features:
•    Maneuverability: The hoppers feature a single set of wheels on one side, which hydraulically raise for loading. The other side of the hopper is lifted by readily available port equipment; such as forklifts or tug masters. This allows units to be quickly and efficiently moved from one unloading project to another. 
•    Simplicity: The new range address a range of use cases where the dust suppression features of larger units in the range are not needed. The units can be designed to easily switch from one material to another with no configuration needed, or without the concerns of how different materials will affect installed filters. 
•    Cost Effective: The range focuses on simple units which balance the base features needed for efficient operation with value and cost. It then allows customers to add on the additional features they see as necessary, such as cabins, external lighting and other extras which they see as essential to their specific requirements.