Video: Port of Liverpool Biomass Facility begins shipments with help from Buttimer Engineering

Buttimer Engineering has completed the first stage of work on the new Biomass Facility in the Port of Liverpool, where the project includes the installation of the biomass materials intake, handling system and support steelworks.  

Phase 1 of the project will allow up to 4 trains a day, while completion of Phase 2 which is currently underway will increase this to 10 trains a day

The Port of Liverpool is now officially part of the biggest ever carbon saving project in Europe as a new hundred million pound terminal celebrates its first full day of shipments of sustainable biomass pellets bound for the Drax Power Station in Selby.

The new £100m biomass terminal planned for the Port of Liverpool will see it handle up to three million tonnes of wood pellets a year as part of the decarbonisation of Drax power station. The wood pellets – to be shipped to Liverpool from North America – are a by-product of the commercial forestry and saw-milling industry and will provide the Selby-based power station with a new, sustainable low carbon fuel source. (